CFA Rocktoberfest 2021

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October 9th at Kobold Brewing, Redmond Oregon.
Drop off locations:

Cascade Fermentation Association’s focus is on both sharing knowledge of the home brewing/fermentation process, and sharing the wonderful products of that knowledge with each other.  
The goal: To create and drink better beer/wine/mead/ etc. while having a great time.  
Meeting times and locatoin are TBD. We meet every last Sunday of every month. Meetings generally begin at 6pm and go till 8:30 pm 
Have a hoppy day! Cheers!

  • Kobold Brewing Redmond Oregon|
  • Steinbarts, Portland Oregon

Shipping Location: 
8981 Morning Glory Dr. Terrebonne, Oregon 97760

Price is $8 per entry 3 bottles per entry
 June 22 at 11:31 PM
Registration and Drop off deadline: October 1st

BJCP Competition registration Here


We survive with the great support. Please check out our sponsors.


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